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This site was created with the simple intention of helping the hard working men and women throughout the country seek Christ more deeply, intimately and consistently. It is by no means; a be all, end all platform for information or knowledge.  But merely a place where a picture can inspire hope, an answered prayer can nurture deeper faith and where the wisdom of the saints and their examples, can help us all to grow more meek and humble of heart. The resources and links provided throughout are designed to help a sinner to repent, reflect and realize the need we all have for Christ's immense mercy. To help the devout to grow more deeply in their faith and Awaken all of Our Spirits to the Power that Being a Devout Catholic affords us. We hope that in some way shape or form, it can help us all to strive to be the change we wish to see. The change that our Lord needs in the Church and In the World. This is a divine calling.


Do you have the eyes to see & the ears to hear? 

Our Patroness, Our Mother of Perpetual Help. 
Please Pray for Us. 

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